Designing the Perfect Client

People start a business without considering who to sell to.


There is so much advice telling people to get themselves doing what they love, but it fucks up and goes down the shitter.


Screw that advice, what you need to do is find a congruence between what you love, and finding people who love your hustle.


Also, you want to ensure you evade jerks of clients, cause I am a closet misanthrope (not really), and there are days when it is too hard.


This is why I have an awesome team around me, to ensure I don’t yet mess up another contract.


The ideal client is one who supports you, loves your stuff, says you are a legend, that you get clear and measurable results for, and who pays for your hustle.


I’ve had people call me up and call me a *&*^&*, here is $5 and do my shit now.


Those are the f# off category of client. They want their shit done now, everything is a  crisis, and then they don’t pay.


So, really you have to say, ok well no I don’t want clients who jerk off on the end of the phone while I am making a sales call.


What I want is awesome, legendary, and they love to pay me, and they pay on time and in full. They don’t try to derail my prices to zero when they are already exceptional value, and we just get on with it.


For me, I want clients I can go on holiday with they are that cool, and help me work in product development.


For me, we decided to scale our stuff, and yes we are working on starting up a charity foundation so that we can make the world a better place, but not give our energy to jerks who want freebies then run away and have thousands coming into their accounts, because we know what we are doing, and have measurable metrics. I have bills to pay too. I like to pay my bills, it makes me feel better as a human being.


So, work out the types of clients you want, and ones that are willing to actually follow through on the advice that you give out. It is important to define who you want to work with, as it just makes the grind easier and smoother, and helps prevent you from resenting your company.


I took a year off, because of burnout and working out what I really wanted. I’ve done a lot of shit work, and I love doing what I do. I give back a lot, and it is nice to have that energy flowing back to me, so I can deliver more value.